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March 15, 2007 For more information contact:
Jenni Beck at (806) 372-2369

Micro Beef Technologies Acquires CattleLog

Amarillo, TX (March 15, 2007) – Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd., a privately-held, technology-based animal management solutions innovator, is excited to announce the addition of CattleLog Animal Information Systems to its offering of integrated feed, health, information and marketing management systems. The acquisition creates the beef industry’s most comprehensive offering of management systems for complete lifetime animal management, traceability and process verification.

Formerly held by eMerge Interactive, Inc., CattleLog provides a suite of comprehensive tools to help individual cattle producers participate in value-added marketing opportunities, including a USDA-approved Process Verification Program and the CattleLog Listing Service.

“CattleLog is made up of proven management systems technologies that help producers capture the value that exists in the marketplace for age and source verified livestock,” says Micro Beef Chairman and Founder Bill Pratt. “And today is a significant day for Micro Beef as we welcome CattleLog as another option for the forward-thinking, value-driven producers we serve.”

“CattleLog and Micro Beef Technologies share a vision of innovative value creation and provide complementary product lines used throughout the beef industry. Micro Beef has a trusted record of serving America’s cattle feeding industry, and as we join forces with CattleLog, which has traditionally served the non-confined segment of the industry, we look forward to more effectively serving a larger portion of the beef supply chain than ever before,” says Mark Shaw, chief executive officer of Micro Beef. “From the individual producer level, to America’s feedyards, to the packing plants and on to the retailer, Micro Beef and CattleLog create the industry’s most unique and complete solution, and we are ready to move forward with a vision of unprecedented value growth.”

“At Micro Beef, we recognize that individual producers hold the power to create added value in their cattle, and through our innovative systems and decades-long commitment to unparalleled customer service, we provide a tried-and-true mechanism for producers to realize that value,” says Shaw. “In an ever-changing marketplace, it’s important for our customers to know they can count on the same trusted systems they’ve relied on in the past,” says Shaw. “We’re excited about the opportunity to serve CattleLog customers, and we’re up to the challenge.”

“ As we work to seamlessly integrate CattleLog with existing Micro Beef systems, we look forward to providing a proven system for qualifying cattle for premium programs backed by the trusted reputation and stability that Micro Beef has built over more than three decades in the industry,” says Shaw.